ObserveNow - Full stack observability into any infrastructure

Logs, traces and metrics, all in one place with out-of-the-box configs, dashboards, alerts and templates - deployed in our cloud, your cloud or a hybrid cloud.

Why ObserveNow

Building and managing an observability stack takes a team of engineers several months. The team has to evaluate, design, deploy and manage a stack using disjointed tools. This results in poor reliability, integration, and high MTTR. Concerns about sending logs outside of customers network is another concern if they deal with sensitive data.

ObserveNow addresses this by bringing logs, traces, and metrics under one platform.  ObserveNow offers out-of-the-box configs, dashboards, templates, and alerts enabling customers to deploy and start using them within minutes instead of months.  

ObserveNow Features

ObserveNow goes beyond just giving you tools to observe your infrastructure but adds intelligence and capabilities to improve reliability and better ROI. ObserveNow, with its deep integrations helps you correlate Logs and Traces with side by side view. With added intelligence, it helps you to reduce MTTR from hours to just a few minutes. 

Other features include: 

-Deploy in our cloud, your private cloud or a hybrid cloud.

– Integrates with most of the notification channels like Slack, OpenGenie, Microsoft Teams and more.

– Simple data ingestion-based pricing.


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For Developers

Focus on what you do best. Leverage our open source tools to accelerate product development and streamline complex DevOps processes. Deploy tools within minutes, get started quickly, and avoid costly downtime.

For Startups

Let engineers work their magic while you focus on bringing your products to market faster. Our open source-based tools enable you to quickly deploy cloud native toolchains without vendor lock-ins.

For Enterprises

Eliminate high costs, reduce design times, and build + manage your very own cloud native toolchain. Increase reliability of deployments while reducing MTTR and the cost of managing DevOps tools. Stay agile and adapt to your customers’ shifting needs.

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